Training and skill development is an important aspect of a business that is wanting to increase its growth rates. Skilled employees are proven to produce better results and it is very important to train them for the exact requirements of the business. In the corporate world, employee training has become an essential part of the onboarding process. Especially the freshers who are just starting off with their jobs need to be trained to for a better understanding of the processing in the company.  

Earlier managing training courses was a complicated task. From hiring an instructor to organizing a seminar – someone had to handle everything manually. A lot of money had to be spent on training the employees in the traditional methods of training. Today, thanks to the innovation of learning management systems, training has become an easy and cost-effective task. Not only convenient for the company but also for the employees, learning management systems saves a lot of time and energy.   

There are many essential features of an LMS to make the process of learning an easy taskAdmins can easily create courses by uploading content that can be accessed by the users at any time and from anywhere. The system is compatible with all electronic devices that can connect to the internet. Cloudbased Learning Management Systems offer unlimited storage based on a subscription model. One of the main LMS features is security. All companies have confidential files that need to be kept safely without the risks of theft. An LMS system provides high-level security protocols to keep all data safe. Before going more into the depth of LMS security features, let’s understand what is a learning management system.

What is an LMS? 

According to Wikipedia

“A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.”

A learning management system is a web-based system or software which can be accessed on the internet from any electronic device. The system is designed with features to facilitate the delivery of training programs and education programs in a digital environment. An LMS system simplifies the management of creation, delivery, and management of educational content or training materials. 

Important LMS Security Features 

It is advisable for a company to keep all their created courses and content protected from being stolen, especially if they are aiming at scalability. The uniquely created content can lose its value if it is stolen by any other organization or person. A cloud-based LMS does allow easy and large storage space but also has strict security protocols to keep it protected.  

According to SonicWall’s 2020 Cyber Threat Report, the company detected 9.9 million malware attacks in 2019, compared to 10.5 million in 2018. 

Password Authentication 

All usernames and passwords are saved in one file in a remote access server. The system has many other protocols that are to be followed by the users to gain access to the system. Some of these protocols include a three-trial system to enter the passwords to prevent hackers from guessing the password or a personal security question in case the user forgets the password.


This feature prevents unwanted and threatening data from entering the system. A lot of times, specific data files can contain malware, ransomware, and even phishing. These files can corrupt the system and steal confidential information from the system. The anti-spamming feature identifies all these files and stops them from entering the system. The user is notified when a file is found to be corrupted and gives an option to block the fraudulent spammer.  

Mimecast stated in its 2020 State of Email Security Report, that 51 % of organizations experienced a ransomware attack that led to at least a partial disruption of business operations. The previous year, 53% of organizations reported experiencing these types of malware attacks 

IP Blocker 

This feature blocks all suspicious and unwanted IP addresses from accessing private data. The admin can even manually add certain IP Addresses in the “Block List”. This prevents hackers and suspicious groups from accessing the data on the LMS. This system can only help secure data to a certain extent, it is important to keep a manual check to avoid the maximum threat.  


An anti-virus system has become a must-have over the past years. A virus can easily destroy or steal data from your system and sometimes it is difficult to get rid of it. LMS’s Anti-Virus built-in scanner system conducts regular scanning to keep all malicious data away and avoid corruption. It safeguards all the data and secures it from threats.  

Back-up Data Storage 

This feature backs up all data automatically so that important work and progress if not lost. This prevents the chances of losing data due to malware. All the data can be restored from the backup storage. All backup storage options for LMS vary based on the requirements of the company. Since LMS is customizable, storage options too can be subscribed based on the needs of the company.  

Data Encryption 

Encryption enables the safe exchange of data amongst the users. With advanced encryption standards, an LMS can transcript information that can be shared with other platforms. This feature is very useful for sharing content from your LMS to any social media platform. This feature plays an important part in the entire security protocol set in the LMS.  

Mobile Security 

Since an LMS can be accessed from any electronic device, Users would be most likely to access it through their mobile phones. If you are planning to launch an app for your LMS system, it is important that it follows mobile security protocols like data encryption, mobile user authentication, and anti-virus/spam protection. The app features in LMS are becoming popular and it is always the best idea to provide the app feature to the users.  

Even though an LMS system has most of these essential LMS security features, it is important to also keep a manual check for full security. Before adopting an LMS system, take a trial and check if they are following all the measures that your business requires. It is also important to check if you can regularly inspect updating protocols.  

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