The world is witnessing a huge change due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Ever since social gatherings have been banned, a lot of essential services had to change their processes to keep the service running. One of the most affected sectors is the Education sector, which is also one of the most important ones in societyEver since schools, colleges, and other institutions have not been able to function with their traditional methods, eLearning has come into the spotlight. Earlier eLearning was criticized for its lack of human element but it has upgraded with various innovations to provide the best learning and teaching experiences. The number of organizations adopting eLearning solutions has been growing in number day by day. The demand for eLearning software has been increasing ever since the pandemic struck the world.   

According to Global Market Insights,

“E-Learning Market size surpassed USD 200 billion in 2019. It is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The advent of several new technologies, such as cloud computing and AI coupled with increasing internet penetration across the globe will drive the market growth.” 

Even for teachers eLearning systems have been very convenient for facilitating online learning for students. The most basic systems for eLearning are the Digital Library, Learning Management System, and Online Examination Software. Due to the Pandemic, there has been a great delay in important exams. The advantages of online examination software make managing assessments easier. 

According to Mettl,

“The International Baccalaureate Organization canceled the examinations for its diploma program and career-related programs scheduled between 30 April and 22 May 2020, reportedly affecting more than 200,000 students worldwide.” 

Unlike the traditional methods of teaching and training, an Online Examination Software automates the process of creating and managing assessments.

What is An Online Examination Software?

According to UKessays, “Online examinations, sometimes referred to as e-examinations, are the examinations conducted through the internet or in an intranet (if within the Organization) for a remote candidate(s). Most of the examinations issue results as the candidate finishes the examination when there is an answer processing module also included with the system. They can be used to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results. 

The Online Examination Software helps in creating assessments online, automating the grading process, and generating easy reliable results. Teachers don’t have to worry about manually creating assessments, conducting exams with physical monitoring and manual grading. This system also avoids any risk of mishaps in correcting and grading, also saves time and energy.  It makes the examination process quicker than the regular method. There are multiple benefits of Online Examination Software and various types of formats in which it can be conducted. 

Advantages of Online Examination Software

While analyzing the advantages of Online Examination Software, it is important to understand how it can help an organization save time and effort in conducting exams. Here’s how an Online Examination Software can benefit your assessment process.

Saves Time Cost and Energy 

Online Examination Software helps in reducing the cost of organizing physical exam centers, maintenance, and resources.  Universities, schools, and even competitive exams that require a large audience can easily take the exam anytime and from anywhere. This saves a lot of money in terms of labor also. Not only for the management but also for the employees and learners.  

Highly Scalable

Organizations can conduct exams for a large number of people from various locations without worrying about setting up a center for physical exams. Users from various locations can give and participate in the exam with the help of an electronic device and an internet connection. This enables organizations to conduct important exams on a large scale easily without spending a lot of money. 

Automatic Grading 

The system automates the grading process for all assessments created by the educator. This machine-based evaluation gives reliable results without any risks of miscalculations. Teachers do not have to manually evaluate each test taken by the students, they can easily allow the kids to take the tests and immediately share results calculated by the system. This saves a lot of time and expenses of providing stationery for the exams. 

Extensive Question Bank 

An Online Examination System allows the educator to set up a question bank that can be used to create assessments manually and even automatically by the system. A lot of systems have the feature of autogenerating unique assessments for multiple users to avoid malpractices like cheating. This saves a lot of time for the examiners; they can quickly choose the questions for assessments based on the skill they want to test. 


The system provides seamless accessibility at any time and from anywhere as it is easily compatible to any electronic device that can connect to the internet. This is what makes the system to scalable and easy to manage. This particular benefit is very important especially during this pandemic when students cannot travel to appear physically to take the exam. 

Supports Multiple Questionnaire Formats

Online exams can have various formats.  Some of them are MCQs, fill in the blanks, checkboxes, short answers, long answers, coding simulators, case studies, etc. Some of these formats need manual evaluation and most of them can be automatically evaluated by the system. Online examination platforms provide a variety of formats for the examiners to create assessments that can test multiple skills of the students. An exam is not just a knowledge-based test but can also test the mental skills of the students. 

Integration With LMS

The system can easily be adopted along with a Learning Management System. Especially for schools, colleges, universities, or corporates who adopt for training purposes, an Online Examination Software along with an LMS is the perfect package. This will help organizations to provide efficient training along with managing assessments for the same. This can help in courses that provide certifications and competitive exams in the organization. Here are the benefits of a learning management system for your organization.


An online Examination Software can help to create assessments in a much easier way by saving time, money, and energy. In the coming years, all services will transform digitally, especially in the education sector. Online Examination Systems will be the major contributors to digitalizing learning processes.  

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