As the month of December is drawing near, there is a whole new gifting festival that begins as well. While the gift of jewels may always be dazzling and eye-catching, you can give a gift of knowledge to your dear ones or even your school. This is perhaps the lifetime possession that will give a lot of value to the aspiring students as well as the schools.

Benefits of Gifting Mintbook eLibrary

Mintbook has introduced a novel way of gifting knowledge by way of online books library or e-library. This is a customized e-Resource in the form of a library that can be arranged based on individual likes and offers a wide collection for choice depending on the books one would like to choose.

The gift of knowledge to dear ones as well as those who are needy as in the case of old schools or college is a very good initiative via Mintbook gifting technique that is offered. Libraries as of today need a lot of effort and manpower so as to manage the hundreds and thousands of books manually.

Get an abundance of happiness through knowledge sharing

Mintbook digital library replaces the traditional methods with the cost-effective and at the same time a good quality resource for ebooks that will help a lot of students, teachers, and individuals who wish to read, share and learn and gain knowledge. The all-new technological interface and ease in administration is the best benefit of using Mintbook’s digital library.

For gifting and donating eLibrary, all you need is to register the email id of the institution or person to whom you would like to gift the library, add a gift voucher for books (in multiples of Rs.1000/-), and make payment. Digital Libraries are offered on a subscription basis, wherein a one-time setup fee and first-year subscription for users at Rs.30/- per annum per user is charged.

Steps to register

1. To register, you have to fill up the online form giving the basic details asked for.

2. You will get an Email from Mintbook to your email address that you provided.

3. You have to click on the confirmation link to complete the registration process.

4. Get started by setting up your own bookshelf. You can access and store many free eBooks.

To Gift

1. Login to your account

2. Click on ‘Gift a library’

3. Define gifted person/institution

4. Set a voucher for the library

5. Gifted person confirmation from mail ID provided and set up a library

6. Complete your order with payment

Why the wait, get started right away to experience the unique way of gifting a digital library!