Like students, adults acquire knowledge regularly. Most adults focus on learning topics and concepts that will enhance their career prospects. Additionally, they hone professional skills by focusing on cutting-edge technologies and emerging industry trends. Online learning (eLearning) enables adults to acquire knowledge and hone skills at their own pace.

However, adults learn differently from college and university students. Their education and experience help adult learners or mature students understand new concepts and topics quickly. However, they find it challenging to retain and apply the knowledge acquired by joining online learning programs. Hence, educators have to focus extensively on fostering knowledge retention and application while implementing online learning for adults.

Many enterprises and educational institutions drive online learning for adults by implementing various EdTech tools. These EdTech tools enable adult learners to access eLearning content anytime and anywhere using computers or mobile devices. Also, they foster learner engagement and knowledge retention by supporting trends like gamified learning and collaborative learning.

We are highlighting an array of EdTech tools that drive and boost online learning for adults.

7 EdTech Tools Driving Online Learning for Adults

Learning Management System (LMS)

This web-based edtech tool simplifies online learning programs for adults. It helps organizations plan, organize, manage, deliver, and track online learning programs efficiently. Organizations reduce upfront and ongoing costs by implementing cloud-based learning management systems (LMSs). Furthermore, they customize the software and integrate it with other edtech tools.

The LMS enables adult learners to acquire knowledge by accessing eLearning materials and assess progress by taking online tests. The software features dashboards that help managers monitor learning programs, monitor learner progress, and measure learner performance. At the same time, new-age LMSs boost the online adult learning process using intelligence technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

Virtual Classroom Software

Often mature students need assistance or support to understand concepts. Online or virtual classroom software creates opportunities for adult learners to interact with a trainer. A learner can use the software to communicate, interact, and collaborate with instructors through video conferencing.

At the same time, instructors can use the edtech tool to explain concepts, share training materials, and answer questions in a virtual learning environment. Organizations support the virtual learning model by combining the virtual classroom software with an LMS. The integration boosts online learning for adults by providing instructor-led and self-paced learning options.

Digital Library Software

eLearning content is the oil that drives online learning for adults. A digital library enables mature students to access eLearning content in multiple formats – eBooks, simulations, videos, audio, and quizzes. Hence, each learner can access eLearning content in his preferred content using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

At the same time, the off-the-shelf content repository provided by the software helps organizations curb content creation time and costs. Organizations these days boost eLearning content delivery by integrating the software with an LMS or online classroom software.

Content Authoring Tools

Most organizations these days train and skill employees by running multiple learning and development (L&D) programs – technology, language, compliance, leadership, onboarding, product, sales, and marketing. They customize L&D initiatives by delivering in-house eLearning materials to employees. Also, they provide trainers with intuitive content authoring tools.

Content authoring tools help instructors create eLearning content in multiple formats from scratch. At the same time, they accelerate content creation by facilitating content curation and content repurposing. However, leading LMSs these days come with built-in content authoring tools. They further simplify eLearning content creation using Generative AI.

Educational Chatbots

The AI-powered edtech solutions modernize online learning for adults by acting as virtual instructors. Advanced chatbots interact with adult learners by mimicking human conversations. Hence, a learner can interact with the chatbot to access relevant content, answer questions, and clear doubts. Also, he has the option to interact with the chatbot 24 hours a day over the internet.

Organizations these days implement educational chatbots to provide support and assistance to learners on demand. Interactive AI enables them to improve learner engagement, provide proactive support, and assess learner performance by building custom chatbots. The custom chatbots further act as virtual instructors while performing administrative tasks automatically.

Learning Experience Platforms

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) are new-age edtech solutions powered by AI technologies. They make online learning for adults successful by modernizing learning management systems (LMSs). Like LMSs, LXPs help organizations manage L&D programs successfully. However, LXPs, unlike LMSs, enable organizations to build personalized learning portals.

The platforms leverage intelligence technologies to curate eLearning content from multiple sources. Also, they deliver relevant eLearning content to each adult learner based on his interests and skill requirements. Many organizations these days implement LXPs to support self-directed learning. The features provided by the edtech platform enable adult learners to acquire knowledge and skills by making personalized checklists.

Learning Analytics

These edtech tools boost online learning for adults by leveraging big data. The software stored eLearning data regularly in a centralized location without human intervention. Also, it analyzes the eLearning data and gains actionable insights automatically. Organizations need learning analytics solutions to make sense of the raw online learning data collected from multiple sources.

Decision-makers can leverage data-driven insights to boost the online learning process by making informed decisions. For instance, they can refine their online learning strategies by understanding what is working and what is not. Likewise, the actionable insights help them boost the online learning process by adopting emerging eLearning trends early.


Online learning enables mature students or adult learners to acquire knowledge and hone skills after performing their professional responsibilities. In addition to facilitating self-paced learning, eLearning tools help adult learners acquire, retain, and apply knowledge in several ways. Many organizations these days boost online learning for adults by integrating essential EdTech tools into an integrated or unified learning platform.

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