In July 2021, schools reopened for senior classes in many parts of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad. But according to the Guidelines for Reopening of Schools,

Classes will only resume at 50 percent student capacity. Though physical classes are resuming, online classes will still be continued by the schools.

Hence, most educational organizations in Ahmedabad will continue online classes. Likewise, most business enterprises will continue to onboard and train employees remotely and virtually.

No business enterprise or educational organization can deliver eLearning successfully without investing in the right eLearning solutions. Also, no organization can make eLearning sustainable without partnering with the right eLearning solution provider. Your organization can continue online classes or virtual employees training programs by partnering with one of the top eLearning solution providers in Ahmedabad.

Some of these leading eLearning solution providers help your organization to curtail upfront and ongoing costs by eliminating the investment in onsite IT infrastructure. Also, they allow you to access a variety of cloud-based eLearning solutions – virtual classroom software, learning management system (LMS), online examination software, and digital libraries. At the same time, many eLearning solution providers help you to enable learners to access localized content in their native languages.

That is why; the eLearning solutions and services offered by individual providers differ. Likewise, the leading eLearning solution providers in Ahmedabad differ from each other in multiple categories – experience, reliability, and reputation. We help you to compare and shortlist some of the top eLearning companies in Ahmedabad by gathering information about their services and solutions.

Comparing and Shortlisting Top 7 eLearning Solution Providers in Ahmedabad

1) LearnVern

Unlike other eLearning solution providers, LearnVern does not provide any LMS or virtual classroom software. Instead, it requires students to acquire knowledge by accessing its website directly. But the edtech startup has already helped over 60000 learners to acquire knowledge in their native languages.

The edtech startup allows learners have the option to choose from online courses belonging to various categories – business, software, digital marketing blog, hardware and networking, and live projects. Every learner can join the courses without incurring expenses. Also, they can obtain certificates of training as part of the SkillIndia campaign.

2) Mintbook

Many organizations in Ahmedabad use the LMS and virtual classroom software developed by Mintbook to leverage ready-to-use digital libraries. The digital libraries include digital content from over 100 publishers in more than 10 Indian regional languages. Also, they enable learners to acquire knowledge and skill by accessing a variety of digital content – ebooks, videos, audiobooks, courses, quizzes, and simulations.

You can access and leverage the digital libraries as a complimentary service while accessing the cloud-based eLearning solutions provided by Mintbook. However, the eLearning solutions developed by Mintbook focus extensively on delivering personalized learning experiences and promoting active student engagement. Also, they help you to make online courses and training programs more impactful through the learning experience gamification.

3) Rivox

Rivox helps high schools to deliver eLearning by converting three subjects into online modules or e-modules. The team at the edtech company converts three subjects – mathematics, science, and social studies – for students studying in 8th to 10th standard. The students can access these e-modules using digital classroom software like Edcomp Smartclass. In a short time span, the e-modules developed by Rivox have helped thousands of students in Gujarat to acquire knowledge remotely and safely during multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

4) Adit Microsys

Adit Microsys helps enterprises to answer questions asked by employees immediately by providing context-rich resources. The employees can acquire knowledge on demand and solve problems without any delay by accessing the relevant and contextual resources immediately. Adit Microsys aims to help enterprises curtail employee learning and development (EL&D) costs by replacing online training programs with access to contextual resources.

An enterprise can make the resources developed by Adit Microsys accessible to both onsite and remote employees over the internet using an LMS. Also, the resources are developed with a focus on improving learner experience by implementing some of the hottest trends in corporate training – blended learning, mobile learning, gamification, and content localization.

5) ByteParity Technologies

Its website describes ByteParity Technologies as a web development agency that focuses on combining innovation and creativity. But ByteParity offers a variety of software solutions, including an LMS. The LMS is developed with features to help enterprises simplify staffing and training activities. The instructors can use the course builder tools provided by the LMS to create a variety of employee training programs.

Also, they can manage the digital content efficiently using a content management system (CMS) and assess knowledge performance using quizzes and assessments. ByteParity customizes the LMS according to the varying needs of large enterprises, small and medium businesses, and freelancers. But you lack the option to integrate the LMS with ready-to-use digital libraries.

6) DMentor

DMentor is a multilingual digital learning platform that facilitates eLearning by bringing students and teachers together. It enables students and parents to choose from a wide range of online courses from KG to PG. Likewise, it helps teachers to earn recurring income by reaching out to millions of students without putting in extra time and effort. Your educational organization can leverage DMentor by becoming a franchise or business associate. As a business associate, you can access online courses, eLearning tools, and course-building skills provided by DMentor. At the same time, you can leverage DMentor to generate revenue by teaching students in their native languages.

7)  Gujarat Infotech                                     

Gujarat Infotech was launched as an IT training center. But it now operates as a full-fledged software company. Gujarat Infotech helps enterprises make eLearning interactive and interesting by providing a slew of services and solutions. Your organization can access and use the eLearning solutions provided by Gujarat Infotech in a variety of formats – online courses, product tutorials, online product demos, simulations, and self-paced learning tutorials. Hence, you can choose and combine the appropriate eLearning solutions according to your organization’s eLearning strategies while saving resources and curtailing costs.

Most educational organizations and business enterprises in Ahmedabad access sophisticated cloud-based eLearning solutions based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model. That is why; decision-makers these days focus on choosing the right eLearning solutions instead of emphasizing the physical location of the provider. But you must evaluate the reputation and reliability of these top eLearning solution providers in Ahmedabad by asking the right questions while comparing the cloud-based eLearning services or solutions provided by them.