For kids, summer vacation is the most eagerly awaited time as they enter a new academic session and enjoy a lot of free time at home. However, there are many problems that working parents face when their kids have no school days. Often, they must get somebody to babysit them when they are at home or keep them engaged in some other activities. One way to keep your kids engaged this summer is by enrolling them in an indoor summer camp.

Today parents have numerous options to let their children learn more skills in Summer Vocation beyond their regular school curriculum at their own pace. If you and your spouse have work and your kids will be on their own this summer, there are plenty of ways by which they can spend their vacation at home that can be relaxing, fun, and helpful for their future. With MBOX smart learning device, you can give them an opportunity to discover the joy of learning.

7 Ways for Parents to Create Summer Camp at Home

Here is a list of ways by which working parents can create a summer camp at home:

Tech Camps

Traditionally, summer tech camps are spread across one- or two-week sessions, which is either a day program or a residential program. For working parents, this can be a little tricky as they need to schedule their work based on the camp timings. However, with Mintbook’s offline digital library MBOX, your child can learn without having to attend a separate summer tech camp.

Playtime with Quizzes

To keep track of how your kids are making progress, it is important they go through tests. With Mintbook’s MBOX, your kids will be able to cover all the major subjects from school and get access to a wide range of quizzes on topics that will help them widen their range of knowledge and help them recall whatever they’ve learned.

Simulation Lab

Often kids have to be in their school to conduct experiments in a science laboratory. However, with the introduction of virtual labs, kids today can have a lot of fun carrying out science experiments online. Going a step ahead, MBOX from Mintbook offers simulation labs for all the streams of science, technology, and mathematics, making learning a lot more interactive.

DIY Art and Crafts

If your child is artistically inclined, summer vacations are the ideal time for him/her to hone their art skills. With Mintbook’s MBOX, you will get to watch many Do It Yourself (DIY) videos that will help enhance your child’s art and craft skills.

Literature for the Bibliophile

During summer vacations, your child will have enough time to read books and develop the habit of reading. For kids who are more interested in writing and literature, getting to read more will help them in the future and with Mintbook’s digital library box, they will have easy access to a huge repository of ebooks.

Math Tools for the Mathematician

The traditional methods used in schools to teach math have made it dull for many kids. They find it hard to envision the concepts. However, with MBOX, your child will have access to lessons and videos that will not only make mathematics simpler for them but will also make it fun and interesting.

Prepare for Competitive Exams

For kids in high schools who are going to write competitive exams soon, summer vacations are the best time to start preparing. And with MBOX they can get a head start as it has enough study material for them to prepare.

Mintbook’s MBOX is a great tool to present your students as it works without the internet and connects with multiple devices so that your kids can stay at home during the summer vacation and learn and have fun at the same time.