The summer vacations are about to get over and your child will join school again. For some children adjusting to the new environment of not being at home most of the time may seem daunting, especially for those who are not keen on getting back to studies.

During the holidays, all children are habituated to sleeping longer and doing what they like. However, when the new session begins, all these habits must change. As a result, their attention will not be up to the mark and they would need time to readjust to the school routine.

Here is a list of challenges that many children will face when they get back to school after the long vacations:

New academic expectations:

Your children are likely to get more long-term projects when they get back to school. They will have to absorb more information from different sources. They will have several teachers and the and the projects they take up may not be spread out evenly.


Many children are often quite anxious about starting a new year at school. It is often because of a huge bag of mixed emotions about growing up and moving onto the next step.

New social expectations:

When your child gets back to school after the vacation, he/she is expected to be more independent than he was last year. They may have to deal with bullies or worry about being lonely.

Different school structure and classroom:

One of the major challenges for children is adjusting to a new learning environment. There may also be a shift in how classes are held as each teacher may have different expectations from children. This can be difficult for children who face trouble with different subjects.

How to Bring Back the Children to School

Parents can play a major role in ensuring a smooth transition for their children to the new atmosphere after their long summer vacations:

Getting back to studies immediately after the vacation can be quite intimidating, so they need to make academics more interesting. Through Mintbook’s smart offline digital library MBOX, they can achieve this task. Mintbook has a wealth of knowledge in the form of animated concept videos, reference e-books, textbooks, dictionaries, simulation labs, digital libraries, and more.

Plan ahead for all the change in the routine. When you plan out for the whole week and have things ready for your children, it will be a lot easier for them on school days. You can also figure out a back-up childcare plan. Studies can be easily incorporated into their routine as with MBOX, they can learn through offline educational videos as it works without the internet and can be connected to multiple devices.

Getting your child on a sleep schedule is incredibly important, especially after the long summer vacations because it is directly connected to their health, and often families start it too late. Your child must sleep for nine to ten hours every night. So, you must figure out the time that they will need to get up for school. With MBOX your child won’t lose sleep and will be able to learn without any distractions compared to being bombarded with ads online.

Talk to your children every day and ask them questions and be willing to hear the answers as well. School is an important time for children and a time for families to support them. Make this school year a success from the beginning through MBOX as it is the ideal tool for a student to get used to the rigors of academics after they have enjoyed their summer vacations.