A digital library is a managed collection of information stored in a digital format and can be accessed over a network. They are technology-enabled platforms where content is available in the form of eJournals, eBooks, magazines, videos, and audiobooks. A digital library gives readers a rich reading experience and quick access to content anytime and anywhere.

Digital libraries today are rapidly becoming the norm at schools and other educational institutes to widen the study materials available for students to learn from and to help them refine their research skills. Even today, many kids in India face unique challenges when it comes to getting access to good quality education. Many children in primary schools in remote villages of India have to either travel a long distance to reach their school or they have no teachers to teach them at these schools.

The penetration of the internet is on the rise in India and thanks to the digital revolution, digital libraries are helping students get access to high-quality educational materials. Digital libraries will benefit not only the students but the teachers as well as they can use them to assign group activities for students, upload notes and study tips. They can encourage students to submit assignments online by using the features available in digital libraries.

Mintbook has its own digital library and it has a wide range of materials ranging from animated concept videos, reference books, textbooks, dictionaries, competitive exam preparations, simulation labs, learning tools, language & literature, and more. This digital library for children is a safe way of learning for your child

Here are the benefits of MBOX and the benefits of digital learning for students that are closing the education gap in India

Reading is made simpler:

Mintbook Digital Library is beneficial for students today as the present generation has substantial experience with using the internet and they will enjoy learning more through eBooks, audio books, videos, and pdfs.

Easy tool for information retrieval:

With intuitive search engine technologies, even beginners can use digital libraries without any assistance. As the digital collections grow larger, the level of complexity of these searching features also increase exponentially. Today, digital libraries have unique features that facilitate access to information, letting students perform complex searches.

Easy access to a wide range of study material:

You will get access to a wide range of ebooks, magazines, videos, and audio books that caters to students in remote locations as well, who cannot get physical textbooks. Thanks to cloud storage, digital libraries overcome the limitation of space that traditional libraries face.

Avoid deterioration:

In old-style libraries, books, vinyl records, and audio cassette tapes are shared among many students that pose a problem of deterioration. With the digitization of materials, students can access content as many times a student needs, using different digital formats.

Mintbook today is planning to bring digital learning to every child in India through MBOX and Online Digital Library and has recently launched the product in the town of Tumkur in Karnataka. For a long time, the records of researches and studies carried out by scientists were either destroyed or lost over time. But with digital libraries, the online copies can be protected and collected to develop a virtual heritage of evidence for future generations.