Being a parent, many of our readers think about how they can do anything wrong with kids. Or Mayhap, you will come with the argument that you are raising your son or daughter with the best parenting techniques. However, Mintbook is not here to distrust your parenting abilities.

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In reality, we are only writing this article to give a feeling of realization to our readers how their actions could be emotionally harmful to the future of their kid. Therefore, you should read this article thoroughly to check which things you should never do as a parent.

Here we go:

Don’t Give Answers on Behalf of Your Child

Probably many of you have noticed that parents love to talk and give answers on behalf of their child, which is absolutely wrong. According to psychological experts, when parents try to answer on behalf of their kids, it doesn’t abolish the confidence level but also disturbs their self-esteem.

Many parents would even say that they only talk because their kids give the answer in poor manners or don’t speak due to shyness, but again, our suggestion is the same.

In such cases, parents should only do their best to motivate their kids to answer because giving an answer on behalf of the child is not the solution to this thing. Notably, if you would encourage your son or daughter to speak, it wouldn’t raise his or her confidence level but will also make them reasonable of their own words.

Don’t Ignore their Supervision

We heard parents who say that their child has been matured that’s why we don’t need to supervise them or have an eye on them. In actual, the frontal lobes of the human brain doesn’t grow till the age of 25. It is also important to explain here that frontal lobes play significant roles in decision making, judgement, planning and desire control.

In short, parents should ignore to have an eye on the activities of their kids. Likewise, parents must be aware of what their kid is doing, what is his company, and where is he exactly. However, Mintbook would suggest to not react like helicopter parents because these activities can spoil your child. Yes, you can supervise their friends, activities and life out of the house with some secrecy.

Don’t Try to Change their Habits with Sayings

Do you try to change the habits of your children by saying? Or your sayings are entirely different from your actions? If yes, then, you are doing wrong. Maybe, as a parent, you haven’t noticed it, but children observe such things easily. For example, if you don’t eat veggies and fruit but advise your kids to eat them, then they wouldn’t accept this suggestion with an open mind.

Don’t Try To Change Their Habits With Sayings

Similarly, if you don’t behave generously with your spouse or your parents, then how could you expect from your son or daughter that they will treat you politely.

In short, to make your parenting better you just need to follow this quote, “Actions Speaks Louder Than Words”. Yes, to be a good parent, you shouldn’t motivate your kids to do anything or try to change their habits that don’t match with your own actions. Surely, parents inspire their kids with authentic and practical examples from their own lives.

Don’t Give Money, Give Your Time

Hopefully, you would have heard of this quote, “Time is Money” and if as a parent, you don’t have time for kids, then you are the unluckiest person of this planet.

Moreover, it is not only about spending time with kids, but it is about quality time. Parents should spend quality time with kids, and it doesn’t matter if it is a whole day and week for a vocational spot or 30 minutes at home.

Secondly, we would also recommend the parents that they shouldn’t replace the time with money because instead of precious gifts, cash and gadgets, kids need your time and you shouldn’t give less time and more money to your children.

Don’t Always Notice & Talk About Their Mistakes

It has been seen that several parents only notice when their children do anything wrong. It is good if you notice and talk about the mistake of your child at the time, but it is not acceptable all the time. We would suggest parents ignore the flaws and errors of kids in some situations because it would be more useful for children to understand their mistakes.

On the contrary, you should also acknowledge and appreciate the good deeds of kids. Likewise, you should give kind remarks to them when they clean their room, brush their teeth regularly, perform well in sports or school.

In addition, Mintbook would also like to advise parents to not always talk about the mistake of children because when you remember your sons and daughters about their blunders, again and again, it suppresses their self-esteem. Especially when parents talk about the mistakes in front of outsiders, it doesn’t shake the confidence level of children but also ruins their personality.

Don’t Be A Poor Listener

If you were about to give an excuse that you are weak at listening since childhood, then we wouldn’t accept it because a parent couldn’t be a poor listener. Even parents should be a keen observer with exceptional abilities.

If you don’t then you try to develop because without listening to the daily routine, problems and other matters of your children how could you understand what is going on in the lives of your children. Therefore, if you want to raise your children perfectly, then, you would have to listen to them appropriately.

Don’t Force Them About Hobbies & Career

In any situation, the parent should try to force their kids about the selection of hobbies, particularly about career. Studies say that parents are influencing kids about hobbies and career don’t perform well.

We can also understand that parents don’t always do this intentionally because in many cases, they also force them for the betterment of children. However, in such situations, you shouldn’t impose everything on them but give them a chance to understand the cons of a particular hobby and career.

Imposed careers and decisions show adverse outcomes in many cases. Such as if your son was interested in playing Football, but you forced him to be a doctor, then how could you expect anything out of the box from him. Withal, parents should handle this kind of scenario wisely, especially if you are a parent of a teenager.

Don’t Take Credit of Child’s Achievements

We have noticed this habit of parents that they mostly try to take the credit of the child’s achievement. Though it could be factual in many cases, it could also negatively affect the behavior of your kid. Many pieces of research proved that the child feels terrible when the father or mother takes credit for their accomplishments. That’s why parents shouldn’t announce in public gathering and in front of others that their kid accomplishes their success because of them.

Instead of taking credit, parents should celebrate the achievement of the son or daughter with an open heart. However, you don’t need to choose expensive celebrations and organizing parties all the time. Still, sometimes, a few words of appreciation and dinner with family could be enough in many situations.

Don’t Always Say ‘Yes’

Probably, you have heard the consequences and cons of saying ‘no’ all the time to kids but in actual, saying ‘yes’ all the time could also be damaging your kid’s personality. Even several parents who raise their children with lots of love and care don’t know how to say no to their kids which is wrong.

Secondly, parents should be wise enough to differentiate the needs and desires of the children. For example, if you need to choose between the temptation of fast food or a healthy meal then, of course, you should go with a nutritious meal.

Don’t Compare

Do you have a habit of comparing your loved ones with others? If yes, then you should leave this hobby immediately, especially if you are a mother or a father. The comparison doesn’t only spoil the self-belief of kids, but it is also harmful to the mental health of children. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to accept their children with their core competencies and flaws without comparing with the kids of their colleagues and other family members.

Don’t Call Them with Bad Names

Parents prefer to call their kids with a variety of names. Likewise, to show their affection, they use a name like ‘my prince’, ‘sweetie’ etc. But in many cases, they also call them with slang names like ‘spoiled kid’ and ‘spoiled brat’, which is absolutely condemnable. Parents shouldn’t call their kids of all ages with bad names and prefer to use their real names in this regard.

In short, in this article, Mintbook made an effort to make the parents aware of the wrong things which they are doing unintentionally and intentionally. If you think we should include more points here, then you can share them by commenting below.