Nowadays, most of us hear these kinds of remarks from seniors or even from middle-agers that we were more mannerly in our childhood, and today’s kids don’t know how to behave in a reasonable manner.

Some parents ignore this type of remarks, and some try to change this attitude of children. However, it is vital to understand those manners are not gifted to children in DNA, but guardians, elder siblings and parents would have to make real effects to teach them how to conduct better.

That’s why Mintbook decided to share essential good manners that kids need to know.

The Habit of Saying ‘Thank You’ & ‘Please’

If your question is the most basic manner that kids need to learn, then we would answer, it is the habit of saying please and thank you. Yes, seniors like grandparents, uncles and aunts even teachers complain to parents that children don’t bother to use words of thank you and please.

That’s why it is the prime duty of parents to teach kids about the importance of these two words. Kids should use the use of consideration, appreciated, and gratitude frequently in their routine conversation with friends, family and teachers. However, it is also significant that children should be able to understand the meaning and purpose of their words.

The Habit of Taking Permission Before Taking

The Habit Of Taking Permission Before Taking

It has noticed that kids are not behaving mannerly that’s why they don’t bother to ask before taking anything. Either is a tangible thing or not kids must have a habit of asking before taking it. Therefore, parents should make their kids with words like ‘can I’ or ‘May I’. It is easy to make kids constant in this manner if parents try to develop this habit since early childhood.

Give Importance to Others

Parents need to teach their kids that they should give preference to others. Kids should only think about their benefits, goals, and desires but should also give importance to others.

Likewise, if they are in school or shopping mall, they should try to offer others to enter first, especially to elders. Similarly, in the house, children should also give proper importance to their other family members and should also take care of siblings, grandparents and other family members with parents.

Respect Privacy

It has been seen that children don’t bother to take permission for entering into others’ houses and rooms. Elder siblings are the victim of this kind of poor conduct of their younger brothers and sisters. Similarly, the other family members also don’t like when kids enter into house or room with permission, but it is not only about consent. In actual, parents should teach kids about the significance of privacy.

Respect Kids Privacy

Surely, all of us have a private life where sometimes we have different moods and things to do. That’s why parents should raise their kids with the proper education of respecting privacy. Mainly, kids should knock the door before entering anything and ask for permission.

Covering Mouth During Sneezing, Coughing and Yawning

Probably, many of you have noticed that preteen kids don’t have a habit of covering mouth while sneezing and coughing etc. Adults don’t give importance to change this habit of kids in early childhood, but when kids of the age of more than 9 do the same thing, it feels inappropriate.

Therefore, we should tell the importance of covering mouth while coughing, sneezing even yawning to children in early childhood. In this way, we wouldn’t be able to teach this manner easily, but kids can also avoid future embarrassments, especially such things could hurt their academic or professional life.

Being Generous to Disable People

Though in many countries of the world there are special schools for disabled students, but countries like Finland prefer to give education to these students in the same schools. In this way, they provide a clear message to the entire society that we don’t do any discrimination with our disabled personnel.

In our opinion, kids should learn this manner since childhood. They shouldn’t only consider people with disabilities like them, but they should also act kindly with them. As kids learn some behaviours from parents, that’s why parents should also take this advice seriously and should behaviour generously with disabled individuals.

Habit of Sharing

Another good manner that your kids must know is the habit of sharing. Though schools are trying their best to tell the kids about the practice of sharing but still something is missing. Mayhap, some parents don’t encourage sharing habits of kids.

It is easy to understand that in some situations, it becomes challenging for parents to encourage sharing habit but parents shouldn’t discourage the children at all. It is better to handle such critical situations with good and morally correct examples. Again, children should know that life is about sharing.

Being A Good & Responsible Guest

Most of the families usually hesitate the relatives who have toddlers, preteens and teens because of the poor behaviour of children. Thus, parents should teach children to amiable and respectful to others while visiting any relative or friend’s house.

Children also shouldn’t show stubbornness about food as we have witnessed that children don’t bother to respect the feelings of others on the table where food is served. Sometimes, they complain about the dishes and sometimes, they eat in a poor manner and don’t care about the cleanliness. In this regard, it is the primary duty of parents to teach kids how to behave when they visit anyone and how to greet the host to make his/her day memorable.

A Handshake and Eye Contact

Though we can’t complain a lot about the shyness of kids these days due to the internet and fast lives but still we have introverts who shy to greet others. First of all, if your kid is shy or an introvert one, then you don’t need to worry, but introverts are considered the most intelligent and smart as compared to others.

However, you only need to teach them about to meet others with full confidence, especially they should show eye contact and prefer a handshake. As parents, you should start developing this habit within the home and when kids meet with siblings and friends. Hopefully, in this way, you would be able to train them adequately.

Politely Treat People Who Serve

At first, you need to understand we are not only here to reduce classism and talking about the people who work at your home or serve food at the restaurant. In actual, here we are referring to every person who server you or your kids in any way, you should treat them politely and respect their emotions.

It has noticed that parents don’t take graciously to salespeople, cashier, servant or restaurant waiters etc. due to which their kids also think that it is their right to mistreat these people. So, both parents and kids should change this behaviour and should treat everyone who serves. It could be a coffee server at home or a policeman at the road.

Use of ‘Excuse Me’ And ‘Sorry’

It is familiar with youngsters that they don’t like to say sorry and the ones who use the word sorry don’t mean what they are saying. That’s why parents shouldn’t only make their kids aware of the use of the word sorry in their routine conversation but should also tell the exact meaning of sorry.

On the contrary, as kids are considered impatient by nature and don’t wait for participating in any conversation, that’s why they also need to learn the manner of acquiring permission before joining any talk. In this regard, children should use these two words, ‘excuse me’ and after the consent of the next person and group, they should try to contribute to the debate.

Don’t Make Fun of Others

It has become a common culture among school and college students that they love to make fun of others. Recently mass shooting incidents of American are consequences of the fun making cases where students bullied other students, and he took revenge with a gun.

By making fun of others, we don’t shake their confidence level but also mentally disturb the next person. Therefore, parents should teach kids about not making fun of others. Parents should also quote the adverse effects of creating fun in this regard. Moreover, they should also be taught that it is the harm in both situations either you bully anyone in a private meeting or public.

Give Respect to Elders

Whether it is about elder siblings or grandparents, children should be taught that they would have to give respect to elders. However, parents shouldn’t mix frank or friendly behaviour with respect. Yes, they should be generous with kids in a preset limit. On the contrary, children should also give appropriate respect to elders of all ages without any gender and class discrimination.

In short, in this article, Mintbook tried its best to share some of the best manners that both parents and kids need to know. Hopefully, as parents, you would try to teach these manners to your kids. You can also comment here to share your valued opinions with us.