Education doesn’t only play a paramount role in the life of an individual but helps to build a welfare society and state. Moreover, educated societies are not only considered a guarantee of prosperous countries, but they also change the fate of regions. However, the quality of education always matters in this regard, and if you want to give an excellent education to your citizens, then you would need proper educational systems. Yes, all the nations who are considered the best in the world are only because of their good educational systems. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss the best education systems in the world.

All of these ranks are given to these countries based on the ‘World Top 20 Education Poll’ that was conducted in 2017. Here we go:

Top 10 Countries with Best Education Systems in the World

10. Hong Kong

The ranking of Hong Kong in the educational sector has impressively improved in the last few years. Notably, it managed to improve its ranking from 14th to 10th position among the best education system in the world. Yes, Hong Kong got 10th position with a power ranking score of 70.

Though private school studies are considered expensive in Hong Kong, there is no difference between the quality of educational standards between both private and public schools. But the only difference that you will notice between private and public schooling in Hong Kong is only about the culture.

Top 10 Countries Best School Systems in the World

In private schools, you would see more pressure-free studies with western cultures but the public schools follow some cultural norms similar to China. On the other hand, if we talk about the significant indicator that enlisted Hong Kong among the ranks of the best educational system is the increment in the ratio of the primary kids’ registration. Yes, the enrollment of primary students massively increased in Hong Kong and parents want to provide the best education to their kids.

9. Sweden

In the last few years, Sweden performed very well and made real transformations in its educational sector. That’s why it also gained a position in the first ten the best education system in the world. It doesn’t only get good ranking in overall operations but also got the third position among the countries where enrollments of 15 to 18 years students increased. Similarly, it is also a prominent country like its Nordic mates in the educational sector, but yes, it worked very hard to accomplish this position.

Top 10 Countries Best Educational Systems

If we talk about secondary and middle education, then it is essential to attend schools from the age of 6 to 16. However, after 10 years of schooling, it’s up to students whether they want to continue the studies or not.

8. Israel

Israel got 8th position among the best educational systems in the world due to its finest schooling and upbringing methods. In the past few years, Israel provided high standard education either it is about primary, secondary and higher education. The ratio of registered students has also enhanced rapidly in Israel in yesteryears.

10 Countries Best School Systems in the World

Luckily, the educational sector of Israel is not ignoring the Jewish values and norms, and kids also get proper knowledge about their cultural values and goals. Its power ranking score is 77.

7. The United Kingdom

Without any doubt, the UK is considered one of the best places for higher studies for decades. Though the educational system got some problems due to the low wages of teachers and other issues. However, with modern educational facilities, it managed to get 7th position among the best education systems in the world. It has a ranking score of 78.

Best Education System in the World 2020

Like other countries with the best educational systems in our list, primary and middle education is also mandatory in the United Kingdom from the age of 6 to 16. However, the standard of education has lower in past years due to decrement in the wages of teachers and a lack of supporting tools in classrooms. On the other hand, the rules of higher education in the UK are still world-class.

6. Norway

A few years ago, in the early educational polls, Norway doesn’t have a position in the first 10 educational systems. However, after making some amendments in the educational system, it got 6th position with a power ranking score of 82. Additionally, if we talk about the teacher-student ratio in Norway, then it is also satisfactory because one teacher is available there for about 10 kids.

Top Educational Systems in the World

Schooling is mandatory in Norway from the age of 6 to 16. As a Norwegian citizen, if you can’t afford the fees, then you can get an education from public schools which is entirely free for legal residents and citizens. On the other hand, if you are planning to get higher education from Norway as an ex-pat, then it could be the best destination. Yes, it offers indiscriminate education to both locals and foreigners. Educational and living costs for foreign students are also affordable here.

5. Russia

With a power ranking score of 91, Russia attains a position in one of the best five countries with the best educational system in the world. Russia is also pondered as one of the top European countries that produce students ready for work. Additionally, the student-teacher ratio in schools of Russia also played a role to make it one of the best educational countries.

Top 10 Educational Systems in the World

If we talk about the role of the constitution in the development of the educational sector in Russia then we should be aware that according to Russia’s 2013 Law of Education, every citizen has the right of free education. It is a federal law that’s why the federal government ensures to implement this law in all states as well.

4. Denmark

With a power ranking score of 94, Denmark got the fourth position among the best education systems in the world. Though the public schools offer quality education in Denmark and it is compulsory to get schooling till the age of 15 or 16, but this compulsion is not about public schools. Yes, it’s up to parents whether they prefer public or private schooling. Furthermore, in the last few years, the student-teacher ratio in the primary and secondary schools of Denmark has also improved.

best educational systems of 2020

On the contrary, if we talk about higher education in Denmark, then it is considered a country with one of the best universities. Several students come to Denmark each year on behalf of the student exchange program. The government of Denmark also offers a variety of scholarship programs to both local and international students.

3. South Korea

In the last few years, South Koreans performed outstandingly in different sectors of entertainment and business, and yes, its educational system played a decisive role in it. With a ranking score of 101, South Korea got the third position in the world’s best educational systems. Getting primary and secondary education in South Korea is compulsory, and if you go to public schools, you would definitely get free of cost education.

best educational systems

On the other hand, South Korean society also pays great attention to the education of their kids. Either kid belongs to poor or wealthy families; it’s the priority of Korean parents to provide them with a good education. Due to the presence of US military bases in South Korea, many international educational institutes are also present in South Korea where most foreigners study in English.

2. Japan

Japan always performed an outstanding manner in the educational sectors. That’s why it is continuing the second position in the project of ‘World Top 20 Educational Poll’ for the last 3 years. Many reasons make Japan’s educational system such strong. First of all, Japan makes all of its curricula at the national level where you don’t see any discrimination in education. Secondly, primary education from the age of 6 to 15 is almost free in Japan. Usually, people get an education till the age of 18.

Top Countries with best educational systems of 2020

Moreover, the educational constitution of the country is very decisive, and you wouldn’t find any significant flaws in it. Yes, strong educational legislations and national level curriculum by keeping the social and cultural norms is considered enough to get good results from the educational sector. So, due to the power ranking score of 104, we are giving it second position here.

1. Finland — The Best Educational System In The World

Whenever we talk about the best education system in the world, the name of the country that instantly comes into our mind is Finland. Though Finland is performing outstandingly since 2000 in educational polls of 2017, it finally gained the title of the country which has the best education structure.

Top educational systems

It gained a ranking score of 114 and beat the strong rivals South Korea and Japan in the competition. If we talk about the best things about Finland’s education, then it is their educational standard of secondary schooling and the performance of its teachers in the primary sector. Here is a detailed blog post on why Finland’s education system is the best in the world.

Final Words

In brief, in this article, we listed the best educational systems in the world with our readers. However, you should keep in mind that we mentioned these rankings according to the ‘World Top 20 Education Poll’. An international and unbiased body conducted this poll based on some indicators. If you want to share your views about the educational pros or discrepancies of the educational system of your country or want to share your opinions, then you can comment below!