We are all lifelong learners. To act smart we need to work smart. This holds good for academics as well where learning the smarter way makes a huge difference.

Some people take longer than others to learn. To accelerate learning and fill the gaps we should follow certain techniques to make our learning more effective.

Learning involves critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. Critical Thinking is required for a better understanding of the subject. This requires analysis, classification, comparison, contrast, evaluation, explanation, and problem- solving, cause, and effect analysis. Among these, analysis is a breaking down of subject and examining each part while classification helps in deciding how categories are divided.

Let’s take a closer look at secrets to improve our learning power to our learning skills.

1. Keep fixed Study Schedule

Keep fixed Study Schedule-min

• Follow effective study schedule. Keeping a fixed timetable goes a long way to help us learn better, faster, and smarter. This helps our body and mind to be prepared at a specific time to study. We should study at the same chosen time to build a routine. This prepares us mentally for the upcoming study session daily and we can become more efficient with time

• Change of location: Also research has shown that changing our place of study can improve learning. So shifting position from the library to class or even open grounds can help us learn better. Usage of different tools for learning like a laptop, pen, paper, voice recorder also expedites learning. This adds variety in our experience of learning. Each device comes with its own unique feature to enrich our learning.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

No knowledge can replace the experience.So once we learn something new we should try to put in practice. This can be done using assessments specifically designed to practice concepts better. The prime focus of learning is to act.

There are various tools that aid our practice like digital library that has features like practice tests and quizzes to check how much we have understood. These practice tests can be taken at the convenience of the learner whenever and wherever. Students can assign online courses recognized by some of the best universities in the world.

3. Maintaining Information Log

The human brain is not a good storage device, it is a good processing device. So once you learn something new try to write it down. It will help in the retention of the content. Also, you can refer to it whenever you want. The most notable feature of writing is that it helps in the clarity of thoughts.

With so much of disturbance around us it becomes imperative that we should have clear thought process so that we can act in correct direction. There are various devices where you can note the information. This involves electronic gadgets, e learning devices, and digital libraries. The notes section in digital library can help us take notes as and when required and recall it whenever needed.

Preparation of learning environment helps to mentally prepare us for study: This involves neat and clean place to study. The place should be well ventilated and there should be enough light to support study .We should necessarily keep multiple sources of light in our study room.

Also the place should be hygienic and welcoming. There should be proper study table with all the materials required for study kept ready on it. This will save unnecessary wastage of time in searching for materials in last minute. There should be provision for gadgets for e learning as well.
Eating Well: Good nutrition goes a long way to keep us interested and focussed during studies. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good source of energy.

Good Sleep: Along with that good sleep is very crucial for concentration. It helps in focus. Also it improves our memory and overall wellbeing. We should sleep at the same time and getup at the same time every day. Top get good sleep we should avoid eating late and eating unhealthy stuff.

4. Be Resourceful

Learn to explore various resources that can be used to make learning most effective. Today there is lot of content available online and offline to cater to needs of all learners. We can take advantage of digital library and other online content for our usage .As per research there are various types of learning, like visual learning, audio learning, kinaesthetic learning among others.

We must learn to identify what type of learners do we belong to and then choose appropriate method of learning that is suitable to stimulate us to improve our learning power. Digital library goes a long way for users who are audio, visual, or kinesthetic learners. The provision of videos, and labs simulation helps learners to grasp the subject better. For Offline learning, resources like seminars, books, journals comes very handy.

5. Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge is the best way to remember what we have learned. We can use various tools for this purpose. We should encourage group learning activities like group discussions, and team work activities like group projects for sharing knowledge. This is very helpful if we want to recall what we have learnt.

Along with that we should inculcate interest to learn and take action. Taking action is very crucial for learning. Herbert Spencer said “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action “Learning when put to education can improve life and the lives of those around us. Learning can be exciting and exhilarating at the same time. We should try to use tools of modern education learning like digital library to enhance our interest. Again its have Advantages and Disadvantages.

We can test our self by explaining the newly learned concept to our friend. This can help us get immediate feedback if we are right or not. Testing is a good way to recall what we have learned. This helps us to understand how well we have learned. We can take help of modern testing tools like digital library.

6. Ask Question

Ask Question

Asking questions help us to understand our subject better. We can use tools like Wikipedia to get easy access of information whenever wherever. We should try to maintain consistency while studying .Try not to miss any study session .It will help us perform better in exams. The notes taken during study sessions are helpful during exam preparation.

Cramming for exams can work only for short term. We should try to give space in our study sessions this helps us to keep the interest going for long period of time. We can increase our brains capacity to learn. There are various time tested, proven techniques which can increase the neural connectivity inside brain. The more neural connections the better.

These tips may help to increase learning capacity to improve learning skills.

7. Strategize

• The subjects of study in a way that we study the tough subjects first to keep momentum of study right. All assessments must be completed on time. Do practice questions at the back. This will help students to understand the concepts.

• Online classes helps students to make up for the classes they have missed. Make sure that you choose the course, download necessary software required to do online session.

• Keep all study aids like pen, paper, study table, books, and online guides ready. Try to have good internet connectivity in the place of study.

• Be punctual in classes. Time and commitment are the key to complete task at hands.

• Use self-assessment: There are various tools like digital library which can be used for self-assessment purpose.

• To keep interest going in learning sessions mix knowledge areas or skills. We can mix two subjects and alternate them to keep the focus.

• It is advisable to take small breaks. The time tested technique called pomodoro advises to take small breaks after 25 min of study. This helps brain to relax.

8. Mentoring

A good mentor helps to learn things faster. A mentor can offer invaluable perspective and experience. Find the experts in the skill which we are trying to develop. We can join community or forums to know more about the latest. It can improve our learning curve. Also the wealth of wisdom from our mentors can give us new perspective about things around us.

9. Stay Curious

Stay Curious

Curiosity stimulates learning. Don’t just memorize what is written in the text, Take the lead .Try to put principles into practice. Stay hungry and Stay foolish.

10. Keep Motivation High

Motivation is very important, because learning can be tedious at times. Find out the ways we can motivate ourselves, be it a glass of beer, sweet chocolates. Diligence and focus is very import to keep up with learning new skills .Try to find sources of motivation around us like good books and music present in our environment.

Final Words

Whatever is the strategy you follow to improve learning skills always remember we loose only if we give up. Learning is a journey and not destination. Learning leads to continuous improvement in self. So what is your secret of learning?