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LMS for Micro Finance
LMS for Micro Finance
LMS System for Micro Finance

A Simple and Adaptable eLearning System for Micro Finance


Micro finance firms benefit from the use of our LMS platform, thanks to its simplicity and stability. Designed for upscaling your training programs, our platform allows firms to meet the requirements of small and large audiences alike.

Ease of Training

Compliance and onboarding training are easily completed, thanks to our LMS system designed for the needs of micro finance firms, which allows you to create and upload courses that are tailored to your firm’s objectives.


Thanks to regular security updates through OS, SSL, and TLS software patches, micro finance firms do not have to worry about vulnerabilities in their operating systems through our LMS platform.

Train with Limited or No Internet

Our one-of-a-kind IoT device acts as a mini-server that contains all the materials you would need to train your employees. It needs an internet connection only for the purpose of analytics and content updates.

Learning Management System for Micro Finance
Micro Finance LMS

Begin with Just a Few Clicks

Reach out to our team to construct a sustainable learning plan

Once you decide to work with Mintbook, you can reach out to our team who will help you with the onboarding process.

Upload Content or Create Content

Begin a learning strategy by uploading or creating presentations, word documents, pdfs, videos, spreadsheets, audio clips etc to build courses for your organization.

Assign Groups and Users

Assign employees into batches based on their verticals and organizational roles and set them on a customizable learning pathway that is tailored for their requirements.


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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