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Academic contents mapped to Board curriculum, helps to drive clarity to a learner for better assimilation and retention. Range of resources are available to learn beyond syllabus coverage. Engage learners to try, learn and understand various concepts.

  • Mapped to the Curriculum
  • eBooks and free textbooks
  • Competitive Exam Preparation Material
  • Simulation Lab
  • Tech Camps and Quiz
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  • Automatically updates content (with internet connection)
  • Safe, Secure and focused for your child
  • 5000 content eBooks, Videos, Q&A, Simmulations
  • A pocket library covering School curriculum, Competitive exam Preparations, Mock Test, Simmulations, Dictionary, Tech Camps, DIY, Science Hacks and much more
  • Content blended with finish pedagogy of explorational learning
  • Analytics & personalisation
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